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From Rome to Constantinople
Studies in Honour of Averil Cameron


Editors:  Amirav H., ter Haar Romeny R.B.

Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-90-429-1971-6
Pages: XIV-425 p.
Price: 70 EURO

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From Rome to Constantinople is a collection of articles offered as a tribute to Averil Cameron, the prominent historian of Rome and Byzantium, and Warden of Keble College, Oxford. Opening with an introduction by Peter Brown, who illustrates the sweeping developments in the field and the role of Averil Cameron in them, this volume highlights topics which reflect the breadth of Dame Averil's interests, arranged in following five sub-sections: Historiography and Rhetoric, Christianity in its Social Contexts, Art and Representation, Byzantium and the Workings of Empire, Late Antiquity in Retrospect. Asceticism and monasticism, cults of saints and icons, Mariology, Byzantine historiography, and art history are but a few of the subjects which are discussed here in the English language by some of the leading scholars in the field. The volume also includes a full bibliography of the honorand, as well as indices. It appears as the first volume of the series Late Antique History and Religion, which is dedicated to the study of Late Antiquity and its legacies.

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