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Form and Style in Journalism
European Newspapers and the Representation of News, 1880-2005


Editors:  Broersma M.

Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-90-429-1992-1
Pages: XXXII-270 p.
Price: 45 EURO

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This volume addresses the usefulness of journalistic forms and styles as leading concepts for the analysis of media history. The thirteen essays included discuss the emergence and adaptation of the Anglo-American news style in Europe, and study the reflective journalistic style which preceded and accompanied it. They examine the journalistic, cultural and ideological frameworks which underlie the use of specific forms and they show that journalists and writers attempted to attain professional and political goals using journalistic strategies. The essays collected in this volume offer a stimulating overview of a new field of study. They deepen our understanding of how journalism works.

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