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Ceramics in Transitions
Chalcolithic Through Iron Age in the Highlands of the Southern Caucasus and Anatolia


Editors:  Rubinson K.S., Sagona A.

Year: 2008
ISBN: 978-90-429-1998-3
Pages: VIII-368 p.
Price: 90 EURO

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The papers in this volume, drawn from the international Workshop on Archaeological Ceramics in the Southern Caucasus and Adjacent Areas held at Barnard College, Columbia University, consider archaeological ceramics excavated in Armenia, Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan and nearby areas), Georgia, Iran (western Azerbaijan) and eastern Turkey, areas which shared common cultures in the prehistoric past. They focus on three periods of transition: (a) the Chalcolithic to the Early Bronze Age, the end of the fourth and beginning of the third millennium BCE; (b) the period from the Early Bronze Age to the Middle Bronze Age, approximately the end of the third millennium BCE through the beginning of the second millennium BCE; (c) and the latter part of the second millennium BCE (archaeologically termed Late Bronze/Early Iron Age). Subjects comprise data from new excavations, new questions of old data, innovative technical studies and interactions among these lands and nearby areas such as the ancient Near East and beyond. The many color illustrations serve as an important reference for any scholar or field project dealing with questions of local ceramic sequences and long-distance or regional contact and exchange. In addition, the volume contains important collections of carbon-14 data and extensive bibliographies.

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