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The Minne-Journey
Beatrice of Nazareth's "Seuen Maniren van Minne". Mystical Process and Mystagogical Process

Authors:  Huls J.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2189-4
Pages: XVI-290 p.
Price: 27 EURO

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Beatrice was born in 1200 near Louvain and died in 1268 in the monastery of Nazareth. The author of this study demonstrates that Beatrice is an authentic exponent of Cistercian mystical tradition. Beatrice's theme is Minne, eternal divine love as it enters into intimacy or conversation with the soul and progressively elevates it until it regains the nobility and closeness to God in and for which it was created. Minne overwhelms the soul who can experience only one aspect or mode of love at the time - and so Minne is experienced amid what seems to be a riot of contradictions. The seven ways of Minne are different ways in which God's self-giving impacts on human desire. Beatrice's little treatise, providentially preserved, will serve us well in coming to an understanding of our spiritual experience. Jos Huls' magisterial study of the text will help us to come to a more comprehensive understanding of the theological and spiritual richness contained in the text.

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