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Manual of Indo-European Linguistics. Volume I
Introduction; Phonology

Authors:  Adrados F.R., Bernabé A., Mendoza J.

Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-90-429-2225-9
Pages: XXII-353 p.
Price: 80 EURO

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Written in collaboration by three authors with similar ideas on Indo-European Linguistics, this book aims to give a view in close accordance with our current knowledge of the Indo-European language in its different phases and dialects. Naturally, there may be a somewhat subjective appreciation of ideas that are most widely accepted today. Neither do the authors in any way conceal their own ideas in the book. However, they attempt to present them as such and at the same time give an objective view of common opinion and other proposals.
The aim of the work is therefore to achieve three purposes simultaneously. One, to offer a Manual for students in which essential data are clearly presented. Second, to present the current state of the reconstruction of Indo-European - of the several types of Indo-European - according to the more widely accepted doctrines. And finally: to expound the authors' own ideas or proposals, whether these be firm or tentative, whatever the case.
In order to achieve all this, constant reference is made to the history of the issues brought up and the opinions of different linguists. A substantial bibliography will be included in the third volume.

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