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The Black Sea, Greece, Anatolia and Europe in the First Millennium BC


Editors:  Tsetskhladze G.R.

Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-90-429-2324-9
Pages: XXIV-448 p.
Price: 80 EURO

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The volume celebrates the 75th birthday of Prof. Jan Bouzek, one of the leading specialists in Mediterranean, Black Sea, Anatolian and European archaeology. The chapters, written by leading specialists who are friends and colleagues of the dedicatee, address many of Prof. Bouzek's primary interests: Thrace, the Getae, the Persians in Europe, the impact of the Etruscans on ancient Europe, Black Sea archaeology, Hallstatt Europe, the Celts, the Scythians, the Iron Age in Central Anatolia, jewellery, etc. All chapters are substantial pieces that offer overviews of our present state of knowledge.

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