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Grecisms in Ancient Armenian

Authors:  Muradyan G.

Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-90-429-2346-1
Pages: VIII-280 p.
Price: 69 EURO

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This book is a systematic presentation of the linguistic features in all the published Ancient Armenian texts, mainly belonging to the so-called Hellenizing School of translations (late fifth – early eighth century), which are explained by Greek influence. These features include various types of lexical, morphological and syntactical Grecisms. Many of them are also characteristic of “pre-Hellenizing” translations; a few examples of some of them are found in the early classical translations from Greek. In all cases the corresponding passages of the Greek originals (if extant) are cited. Most of the sections concluded with examples of the classical translation practice of the corresponding linguistic features without any Greek influence. In an appendix, various features of Latinizing Armenian (seventeenth century) are traced back to Hellenizing Armenian.

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