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Aegaeum 6

Year: 1990
ISBN: 978-90-429-2407-9
Pages: 194 p. + LVII pl.
Price: 50 EURO

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Table des Matières

- René TREUIL, Où sont donc les tombes néolithiques ?
- Eleni GEORGOULAKI, The Minoan Sanctuary at Koumasa : the Evidence of the Material
- Gisela WALBERG, The Finds in the Sealing Deposit at Phaistos and Minoan Administration
- Frédérique PETIT, Les jarres funéraires du Minoen Ancien III au Minoen Récent I
- Edmund F. BLOEDOW, The 'Sanctuary Rhyton' from Zakros : What do the Goats mean ?
- Nanno MARINATOS, The Tree, the Stone and the Pithos : Glimpses into a Minoan Ritual
- Dimitri LABOURY, Réflexions sur les vases métalliques des tributaires keftiou
- Robert LAFFINEUR, The Iconography of Mycenaean Seals and the Status of their Owners
- Krzysztof NOWICKI, The West Siteia Mountains at the Turn of the Bronze and Iron Ages
- Comptes rendus

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