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Eikôn. Aegean Bronze Age Iconography: Shaping a Methodology
Proceedings of the 4th International Aegean Conference / 4e Rencontre égéenne internationale, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, 6-9 April 1992


Editors:  Laffineur R., Crowley J.L.
Year: 1992
ISBN: 978-90-429-2408-6
Pages: 350 p. + LXXXIII pl.
Price: 75 EURO

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Table des Matières

- Ingo PINI, Towards a Standardization of Terminology. Problems of Description and Identification
- Janice L. CROWLEY, The Icon Imperative: Rules of Composition in Aegean Art
- Paul REHAK, Tradition and Innovation in the Fresco from Room 31 in the 'Cult Center' at Mycenae
- Thomas G. PALAIMA, Mycenaean Scribal Aesthetics
- Marie-Henriette GATES, Mycenaean Art for a Levantine Market? The Ivory Lid from Minet el Beidha/Ugarit
- Michael B. COSMOPOULOS, The Development of Iconography in the Early Bronze 2 Aegean
- Wolf-Dietrich NIEMEIER, Iconography and Context: the Thera Frescoes
- Robert LAFFINEUR, Iconography as Evidence of Social and Political Status in Mycenaean Greece
- Jennifer M. WEBB, Cypriote Bronze Age Glyptic: Style, Function and Social Context
- John CHERRY, Beazley in the Bronze Age? Reflections on Attribution Studies in Aegean Prehistory
- Christina A. TELEVANTOU, Theran Wall-Painting: Artistic Tendencies and Painters
- Charles GATES, Art for Children in Mycenaean Greece
- Jan BOUZEK, The Structure of Minoan Representational Art
- Michael WEDDE, Pictorial Architecture: for a Theory-Based Analysis of Imagery
- Sarah P. MORRIS, Prehistoric Iconography and Historical Sources: Hindsight through Texts?
- Carol G. THOMAS, Aegean Bronze Age Iconography: Poetic Art?
- Isabel McBRYDE, Archaeology and Art, Art as Archaeology: Problems of Cultural Context and Chronology in Australian Aboriginal Rock Art
- Andrée ROSENFELD, Recent Developments in Australian Rock Art Studies
- Gisela WALBERG, Minoan Floral Iconography
- Anna Lucia D'AGATA, Late Minoan Crete and Horns of Consecration: a Symbol in Action
- John G. YOUNGER, Representations of Minoan-Mycenaean Jewelry
- Edmund F. BLOEDOW, On Lions in Mycenaean and Minoan Culture
- Judith POWELL, Archaeological and Pictorial Evidence for Fishing in the Bronze Age: Issues of Identification and Interpretation
- Wolfgang SCHIERING, Elements of Landscape in Minoan and Mycenaean Art
- Henri and Micheline van EFFENTERRE, L'iconographie du temps dans la glyptique créto- mycénienne
- Plenary discussion.

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