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The Cave Sanctuary of Zeus at Psychro
A Study of Extra-urban Sanctuaries in Minoan and Early Iron Age Crete

Authors:  Watrous L.V.
Year: 1996
ISBN: 978-90-429-2414-7
Pages: 115 p. + XXXI pl.
Price: 50 EURO

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Table of contents
List of Illustrations
- The Psychro Cave and its Exploration
- What defines Psychro as a Sanctuary? (L.V. WATROUS and Y.K. WIDENOR)
- History of Research on Minoan Cave and Peak Sanctuaries in Crete
- Methods Used in this Study

Chapter One. Catalogue of the clay objects from the Psychro Cave

Chapter Two. The History of cult in the Psychro Cave
- Neolithic Habitation
- Middle Minoan I-II Cult
- Middle Minoan III-Late Minoan I Cult
- The nature of Neopalatial cult ceremony at Psychro
- Late Minoan II-IIIB1 Cult
- Late Minoan IIIB2-Protogeometric Cult
- Geometric-Archaic Cult
- Classical-Hellenistic Cult
- Roman-Medieval Cult

Chapter Three. Extra-urban Sanctuaries in Crete
- Sanctuaries in Caves
- Arkalachori
- Idaean Cave
- Phaneromeni
- Kamares (Y.K. WIDENOR)
- Amnissos (Y.K. WIDENOR)
- Trapeza (Y.K. WIDENOR)
- Patsos (Y.K. WIDENOR)
- Sanctuaries on Mountains
- Atsipades (Y.K. WIDENOR)
- Karphi
- Petsophas (Y.K. WIDENOR)
- Kato Syme
- Jouktas

Chapter Four. The origins and nature of Extra-urban Sanctuaries in Crete
- Origins of Extra-urban Sanctuaries
- Early Distribution of Extra-urban Sanctuaries
- The Sociopolitical Context of Extra-urban Sanctuaries
- Rituals at Extra-urban Sanctuaries: the Evidence of the Votives
- "Cave" and "Peak" Sanctuaries?

Chapter Five. The subsequent development of Extra-urban Sanctuaries in Crete
- The Middle Minoan III-Late Minoan I Period
- The Late Minoan II-IIIB Period
- The Late Minoan IIIC-Protogeometric Period
- The Geometric-Archaic Period
- The Question of Cult Continuity and Change in Crete


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