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Reading New Testament Papyri in Context - Lire des papyrus du Nouveau Testament dans leur contexte


Editors:  Zumstein J., Clivaz C.

Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-90-429-2506-9
Pages: XIV-440 p.
Price: 80 EURO

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This volume is the publication of the acts of a conference held at the University of Lausanne (CH), in october 2009. It collects sixteen contributions on Egyptian Jewish and Christian papyri, read in their context, in four thematic parts. The first one concerns New Testament and papyri, with two programmatic contributions demonstrating the present importance of textual criticism in New Testament exegesis, as well as a state of research on the most recent NT papyri. The second part focuses on the interactions between the Egyptian context, Judaism and the emerging Christianity, with notably the presentation of a fragment of a homily containing Lk 2.35-36 (P.Gen. IV 150). The third part shows how every papyrus can tell a story on early Christianity whether it concerns the Gospel of John or the Gospel of Thomas, or if one uses the multispectral imaging. The last part offers further considerations on papyri and theology, and on the way in which papyri can help to fill in historical gaps. Contributions by R. Burnet, C. Clivaz, J. K. Elliott, K. Haines-Eitzen, S. Honigman, T. J. Kraus, A.-M. Luijendijk, X. Gravend-Tirole, C.-J. Grüber, D. Pastorelli, J. Read-Heimerdinger, J. Rius-Camp, P. Schubert, D. Stoekl, M. Theophilos, J. Zumstein.

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