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Three Neglected Sources of Sasanian History in the Reign of Khusraw Anushirvan

Authors:  Jackson Bonner M.R.

Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-2-910640-32-3
Pages: 116 p.
Price: 22 EURO

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This cahier deals with the criticism of three sources: Dinawari's al-Akhbar al-Tiwal, the so-called Sirat Anusharwan, and Firdawsi's Shahnama. The need to examine these sources arises from a re-evaluation of Nöldeke's Khuday-Nama hypothesis; a case is built for the independence and utility of those three sources; and four test cases follow, in which the sources are put to work on issues of central importance in the history of sixth-century Iran. The conclusion is a narrative integrating the findings of the test cases into the broad picture of Sasanian history.

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