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Prosopographia Ponti Euxini Externa

Authors:  Avram A.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2719-3
Pages: XXXVI-462 p.
Price: 87 EURO

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Although there are specialist studies on the mobility of the inhabitants of the cities and regions of the Black Sea, we lack a comprehensive prosopography of those of them active abroad. This work, containing 3358 entries, is a first attempt, casting light on the mobility of different social and professional groups, not only mercenaries and merchants but also itinerant philosophers and artists. It demonstrates that the Black Sea was well integrated into the main circles of the Greek, Roman and Early Byzantine world. Chronologically, the work starts with the earliest attestations and finishes with the end of the 6th century AD. It includes not only people attested by external documents, but also persons mentioned by internal inscriptions as having travelled or died outside their country. The area of investigation covers the entire Black Sea coast.
The Prosopographia Ptolemaica is used as a model. Each entry follows a set form: name; family relationships (father/mother, son/daughter, brother/sister); type of inscription or category of papyrus; profession or further data on the person's activity; form of the ethnic; dating; testimonies and bibliographical references. For each heading the geographical order of attestations is that of the SEG.
There are very detailed indexes (names, cases of double or multiple citizenship, proxenies or other honours awarded abroad, professional categories, etc.).

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