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Theologizing in the Corinthian Conflict
Studies in the Exegesis and Theology of 2 Corinthians


Editors:  Bieringer†R., Ibita M.S., Kurek-Chomycz D., Vollmer T.A.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2754-4
Pages: XII-475 p.
Price: 89 EURO

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Theologizing in the Corinthian Conflict is a collection of twenty exegetical studies on 2 Corinthians. Most of the texts were originally presented as papers during the annual meetings of the European Association of Biblical Studies. Some of the literary-critical issues of 2 Corinthians are touched upon in several contributions. Other essays focus on a variety of theological and interpretive questions: hermeneutics, the narrative and social world, revelation terminology, Paulís theology of God and Christ, the understanding of the Spirit, the letter and the Spirit, conflict and reconciliation, poverty and wealth, debt theology and the collection, identity formation, synagogue beatings, parental beneficence, new creation and righteousness of God, dying for and being raised for, life after death, eschatology and new covenant, mysticism. In their diversity, the contributions of this book have in common that they are concerned with theological topics in exegetical perspective using a variety of approaches and methodologies. The goal of this book is not to reconstruct the theology of Paul, but to gain a deeper understanding of Paulís theologizing in the Corinthian context of conflict and reconciliation.

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