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A Berichtigungsliste of Demotic Documents. C. Indexes of New and Rejected Readings

Authors:  Hartmann I., Vleeming S.P.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2900-5
Pages: XIV p. 863-1133
Price: 72 EURO

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To complement the text-based organization of the emendations and corrections listed in the Demotic Berichtigungsliste vols. A-B, this volume provides the Indexes of Rejected and Adopted Readings. These enable the reader to search for individual lexemes, be they words, names of gods or private persons, toponyms, titles, or numerals. In an additional Index all randomly published texts, i.e. texts published in periodicals and volumes of miscellaneous studies (Festschriften, Proceedings of Congresses and Colloquia, etc.), are listed under their inventory numbers in order to enable the reader to ascertain the heading under which a given text can be found.

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