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Cities and Gods
Religious Space in Transition


Editors:  Kaizer T., Leone A., Thomas E. , Witcher R.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2905-0
Pages: VIII-170 p.
Price: 76 EURO

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This volume explores the impact of religious traditions on the physical and social organisation of cities in the ancient world. The contributors draw on diverse theories, methods and evidence to identify the existence of broad similarities and differences in the urban religious experience. Individual papers range from the Roman Republican period to Late Antiquity, and encompass the city of Rome, Italy, and both the eastern and western provinces. Specific themes include the relationship between liturgy and temple architecture, the influence of religious traditions on civic spaces, and the impact of Christianity on the pagan city. Together, these papers make the case for the centrality of ritual and religion in the experience of the ancient city and throw light on current debates by providing historical examples of the varied ways in which communities accommodate changing religious practices in the urban fabric.

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