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In Search of Living Water
Essays on the Mystical Heritage of the Netherlands

Authors:  Brandsma T.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2976-0
Pages: VI-373 p.
Price: 36 EURO

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The personality of Titus Brandsma is multifaceted: Carmelite, journalist, professor of philosophy and the history of mysticism, Rector magnificus of the University of Nijmegen, ecclesiastical advisor for the press, man of prayer with an intense spiritual life, ecumenical man, heroic witness of faith and humanity in the fires of the concentration camps and in the Lager (camp) of Dachau. Europe in the 1930ís was a hotbed of ideologies, radicalism, intense nationalism, fervent cultural and political activity, international tensions, etc. In this context the spiritual and intellectual activity of Father Titus stands out. That is why, in order to understand better the thinking of Titus Brandsma, this volume is very necessary, for, in making contact with his writings on spirituality we also find his thought, his biography, his attitudes, as well as a spiritual and human profile of the author. The reader will become conscious of his/her relation with God.

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