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The Syriac Version of John Chrysostom's Commentary on John
I. MÍmrÍ 1-43. V.

Authors:  Childers J. W.

Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-90-429-2729-2
Pages: XVIII-333 p.
Price: 109 EURO

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St. John Chrysostom was one of the most popular and influential Greek Fathers in Syrian churches. His works began to be translated into Syriac in the fifth century, after which they significantly impacted the shape of Syriac exegetical, homiletical, dogmatic, and spiritual writing. These volumes make available for the first time an edition of the Syriac text and English translation of St. John Chrysostomís Exegetical Homilies on the Gospel of John, typically known in Syriac as Chrysostomís Commentary on John, Homilies (MÍmrÍ) 1Ė43. The text is edited on the basis of the extant main manuscripts, from the 6thĖ8th centuries, in addition to excerpts preserved in various collections. Introductions to the two volumes explore the Syriac manuscript tradition, the origin and technique of the translation, its value as a witness to the Greek text, the nature of its many biblical citations, and the impact of the version on the Syriac tradition. The volumes include an orthographical index and an index of biblical citations.

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