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The First Pylon of the Mut Temple, South Karnak: Architecture, Decoration, Inscriptions
The Brooklyn Museum Expedition to the Precinct of Mut at South Karnak


Editors:  Fazzini R.A., van Dijk J.

Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-90-429-3055-1
Pages: XIV-146 p.
Price: 96 EURO

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The goddess Mut, consort of Amun-Re at Thebes, is one of the goddesses known as the "Eye of Re" that include Isis, Hathor and Bastet among others. Her temple precinct in South Karnak was a major religious site from at least the early New Kingdom through the early Roman Period, yet Mut remains relatively unknown. While badly damaged, the gate in the Mut Temple's First Pylon bears important religious texts relating to the goddess and her cult as well as remains of Ramesside scenes recarved in the Ptolemaic period. This study of the gateway and its texts, edited by R.A. Fazzini and J. van Dijk, includes a description of the gateway's architecture (W.H. Peck), a detailed study of the figural decoration (R.A. Fazzini) and transcriptions, translations and analyses of the inscriptions (J.-C. Goyon, J. van Dijk, H. te Velde). Two appendices deal with the recarved Ramesside texts (J. van Dijk) and aspects of the goddess (J.-C. Goyon).

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