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> What does Peeters Publishers do?

Peeters Publishers is an academic publisher, specialised in Humanities, especially Religious Studies, Oriental Studies and Linguistics. Along the years the specialisation has broadened and now we also publish books on medicine and law. Peeters Publishers is closely related with Peeters Printers and therefore offers high quality products which respond exactly to the need of any author. Our online products present journals and interactive bibliographies that make use of the newest technology available, but that are very user-friendly.

> Where can I buy Peeters titles?

Peeters titles are available all over the world (see Distribution). You can also order the titles online at this site (see Books & Series and journals catalogues).

> I like to submit my work to Peeters Publishers what should I do?

Please check Editorial Services to find the right information regarding the submission of a paper or a manuscript.

> Can I have a preview of the available publications?

Some books can be previewed on Google Book Search. Please look first for the correct references on our site before you start using Google Book Search.

> I need information on financial matters where can I find this?

All financial information is available in on the Administration and Accountancy pages.
Our bank account numbers (ING Belgium):
IBAN: BE66 330-0016770-43
Swift: BBRU BE BB 300
Postcheque account number PCR : IBAN BE 44 000-0425099-45