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[How to get to our offices?]

Road to Leuven from Brussels:

Take the highway E40 in the direction of Liège (Luik) and Leuven (Louvain). If you have passed Kortenberg follow highway E314 heading towards Genk/Hasselt/Leuven.

Take exit 18 towards Leuven and follow the N26 'Nieuwe Mechelsesteenweg'. Arriving in Leuven, turn left and follow the R23 (Ludenscheidsingel) towards Johanna Maria Artoisplein.

Road to our editorial offices and warehouse
Kolonel Begaultlaan 61, B-3012 Wilsele (Leuven)

At Johanna Maria Artoisplein, turn left towards Aarschot and take the way at the right side of the bridge. Turn left and drive around the 'Vaartkom' (the end of the channel). Stay next to the water untill you see our offices at your left hand.

Road to our office in Leuven
Bondgenotenlaan 153, B-3000 Leuven

At Johanna Maria Artoisplein, keep right and drive along Diestsevest. Follow the tunnel (Oostertunnel) and enter the 'parking Bond' where you can leave your car. On the Martelarenplein face towards the city (not towards the railway station) and walk along Bondgenotenlaan, a few metres further are our bookshop and our office.