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Documenta Q
Documenta Q is a peer-reviewed series.

 Robinson J.M. , Hoffmann P. , Kloppenborg J.S.
The Critical Edition of Q
 Robinson J.M. , Carruth S. , Heil C.
Q4: 1-13,16. The Temptations of Jesus - Nazara
 Hieke T.
Q6: 20-21. The Beatitudes for the Poor, Hungry, and Mourning
 Youngquist L.E. , Klampfl T. , Carruth S. , Reed J.L.
Q6: 37-42. Not Judging - The Blind Leading the Blind - The Disciple and the Teacher - The Speck and the Beam
 Johnson S.R.
Q7:1-10. The Centurion's Faith in Jesus' Word
 Carruth S. , Anderson S.D. , Garsky A.
Q11: 2b-4. The Lord’s Prayer
 Brauner U. , Hieke T. , Hoffmann P. , Heil C. , Amon J.E. , Boring M.E. , Asgeirsson J.Ma.
Q12: 8-12. Confessing or Denying - Speaking against the Holy Spirit - Hearings before Synagogues - Fleeing among the Towns of Israel
 Johnson S.R.
Q12: 33-34. Storing Up Treasures in Heaven
 Garsky A. , Carruth S. , Heil C. , Hieke T. , Amon J.E.
Q12: 49-59. Children against Parents - Judging the Time - Settling out of Court
 Hoffmann P. , Brandenburger S.H. , Brauner U. , Hieke T.
Q22: 28, 30. You Will Judge the Twelve Tribes of Israel
 Johnson S.R. , Steinhauser M.G. , Jolliffe R.
Q13: 34-35. Judgment over Jerusalem