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Liturgia Condenda
Liturgia Condenda is a peer-reviewed series.

1Searle M. , Lukken G.M.
Semiotics and Church Architecture
2Lukken G.M.
Per Visibilia ad Invisibilia
4Speelman W.M.
The Generation of Meaning in Liturgical Songs
5Roll S.K.
Toward the Origins of Christmas
6McNamee M.B.
Vested Angels
7Gerlach K.
The Antenicene Pascha
8Post P. , Pieper J. , van Uden M.
The Modern Pilgrim
9Kubicki J.M.
Liturgical Music as Ritual Symbol
10Kroesen J.E.A.
The Sepulchrum Domini through the Ages
11van Tongeren L.
Exaltation of the Cross
12Post P. , Rouwhorst G. , Scheer A. , van Tongeren L.
Christian Feast and Festival
13Rosier V.C.
Liturgical Catechesis of Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest
14Vernooij A.
Liturgy and Muse
15Post P. , Grimes R.L. , Nugteren A. , Pettersson P. , Zondag H.
Disaster Ritual
16Hausreither J.
Semiotik des liturgischen Gesanges
17Lukken G.M.
Rituals in Abundance
18Barnard M. , Post P. , Rose E.
A Cloud of Witnesses
19Wepener C.
From Fast to Feast
20Kranemann B. , Post P.
Die modernen «ritual studies» als Herausforderung für die Liturgiewissenschaft. Modern Ritual Studies as a Challenge for Liturgical Studies
21Alexopoulos S.
The Presanctified Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite
22Kroesen J.E.A.
Staging the Liturgy
23Join-Lambert A.
La liturgie des Heures par tous les baptisés
24Post P. , Molendijk A.L.
Holy Ground
25van Tongeren L. , Barnard M. , Post P. , Rouwhorst G.
Patterns and Persons
26Klomp M.
The Sound of Worship
27Böntert S.
Friedlicher Kreuzzug und fromme Pilger
28Barnard M. , Cilliers J. , Wepener C.
Worship in the Network Culture
29Post P. , van der Beek S.
Doing Ritual Criticism in a Network Society