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Studies in Spirituality Supplements
Studies in Spirituality Supplements is a peer-reviewed series.

2Imoda F.
Human Development
3van Baest M.
Poetry of Hadewijch
4Keller H.E.
My Secret is Mine
6Classen A.
'Mein Seel fang an zu singen': Religi÷se Frauenlieder des 15.-16. Jahrhunderts
7Baird M.L.
On the Side of the Angels
8Waaijman K.
9Green J.D.
'A Strange Tongue'
10Blommestijn H. , CaspersáC.M.A. , Hofman R.
Spirituality Renewed
11Moores D.J.
Mystical Discourse in Wordsworth and Whitman
12Manenti A. , Guarinelli S. , Zollner H.
Formation and the Person
13Hense E.
Die Kammer der Andacht
14Green J.D.
15Agnew U. , Flanagan B. , Heylin G.
With Wisdom Seeking God
16Korthals Altes E.
Spiritual Awakening
17Bouwer J.
Spirituality and Meaning in Health Care
18Knieps-Port le Roi T. , Sandor M.
Companion to Marital Spirituality
19Blommestijn H. , CaspersáC.M.A. , Hofman R. , Mertens F. , Nissen P. , Welzen H. , Litjens W.
Seeing the Seeker. Explorations in the Discipline of Spirituality
20Bouwer J.
Successful Ageing, Spirituality and Meaning
21Terry W.R.
Seeing Marguerite in the Mirror
22Hense E. , Maas F.
Towards a Theory of Spirituality
23Bos A.-M.
Elijah looked and behold...
24Bocken I.
Spiritual Spaces
25Tanner J.F.
Dialogical Transformation
26Bradford D.T.
The Spiritual Tradition in Eastern Christianity
27Zas Friz de Col R.
Transforming Spirituality
 Westerink H.
Critical Spirituality
29Huls J.
Being Seen in God
30Welzen H.
Biblical Spirituality
32Zas Friz de Col R.
The Transforming Presence of Mystery
33Westerink H.
Modernity, Melancholy and Predestination