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Eastern Christian Studies
Eastern Christian Studies is a peer-reviewed series.

1Groen B.
Four Hundred Years Union of Brest (1596-1996)
2de Courten M. , van der Zweerde E.
Vladimir Solov'ëv: Reconciler and Polemicist
3Sutton J. , van den Bercken W.
Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Europe
4Wolfram G.
Palaeobyzantine Notations III
5Ebied R.Y. , Teule H.G.B.
Studies on the Christian Arabic Heritage
6van den Bercken W. , Sutton J.
Aesthetics as a Religious Factor in Eastern and Western Christianity
7Hainthaler T.
Christliche Araber vor dem Islam
8Wolfram G.
Tradition and Innovation in Late- and Postbyzantine Liturgical Chant
9Teule H.G.B. , Fotescu Tauwinkl C. , ter Haar Romeny R.B. , van Ginkel J.J.
The Syriac Renaissance
10Verheyden J. , Teule H.G.B.
Heretics and Heresies in the Ancient Church and in Eastern Christianity
11Kessel G. , Pinggéra K.
A Bibliography of Syriac Ascetic and Mystical Literature
12Groen B. , Hawkes-Teeples S. , Alexopoulos S.
Inquiries into Eastern Christian Worship
13Brüning A. , van der Zweerde E.
Orthodox Christianity and Human Rights
14Monferrer-Sala J.P. , Teule H.G.B. , Torallas Tovar S.
Eastern Christians and their Written Heritage
15Skira J.Z. , Schelkens K.
The Second Vatican Council Diaries of Met. Maxim Hermaniuk, C.Ss.R. (1960-1965)
16Jullien F.
Eastern Christianity
17Wolfram G. , Troelsgard C.
Tradition and Innovation in Late- and Postbyzantine Liturgical Chant II
18Hawkes-Teeples S. , Groen B. , Alexopoulos S.
Studies on the Liturgies of the Christian East
19Murzaku I.A.
Monastic Tradition in Eastern Christianity and the Outside World
20Doerfler M. , Fiano E. , Smith K.
Syriac Encounters
21Murre-Van den Berg H.L.
Scribes and Scriptures
22Groen B. , Galadza D. , Glibetic N. , Radle G.
Rites and Rituals of the Christian East
23Teule H.G.B. , Keser-Kayaalp E. , Akalin K. , Doru N. , Toprak M.S.
Syriac in its Multi-cultural Context
24Lee R.
Symbolic Interpretations in Ethiopic and Early Syriac Literature
25Pilch J.
'Breathing the Spirit with Both Lungs': Deification in the Work of Vladimir Solov'ev
26ten Hacken C.E.
The Legend of Saint Aur and the Monastery of Naqlun
27Weltecke D.
The "Description of the Times" by Mor Michael the Great (1126-1199)
28Groen B., Galadza D., Glibetic N., Radle G.
Studies in Oriental Liturgy