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Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion
Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion is a peer-reviewed series.

1Rutgers L.V.
What Athens Has to Do with Jerusalem
2Zetterholm K.
Portrait of a Villain
3Kalmin R. , Schwartz S.
Jewish Culture and Society under the Christian Roman Empire
4Magness J.
Debating Qumran
5Spence S.
The Parting of the Ways: The Roman Church as a Case Study
6Pucci Ben Zeev M.
Diaspora Judaism in Turmoil, 116/117 CE: Ancient Sources and Modern Insights
7Hadas-Lebel M.
Jerusalem against Rome
8Kloner A. , Zissu B.
The Necropolis of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period
9Eliav Y.Z. , Friedland E.A. , Herbert S.
The Sculptural Environment of the Roman Near East
10Sagona C.
Looking for Mithra in Malta
11Evers A.
Church, Cities, and People
12Mitchell S. , Van Nuffelen P.
Monotheism between Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity
13Mimouni S.C.
Early Judaeo-Christianity
14Jacobs I.
Production and Prosperity in the Theodosian Period
15Laes C. , Mustakallio K. , Vuolanto V.
Children and Family in Late Antiquity
16Stevens S.
City Boundaries and Urban Development in Roman Italy
17Strootman R.
The Birdcage of the Muses
18Lanfranchi P. , Verheyden J.
Jews and Christians in Antiquity
19Pimentel M.C., Rodrigues N.S.
Violence in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
20Van Strydonck M., Reyniers J., Van Cleven F.
Relics @ the Lab
21Berthelot K. , Price J.
In the Crucible of Empire