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Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion
Interdisciplinary Studies in Ancient Culture and Religion is a peer-reviewed series.

1Rutgers L.V.
What Athens Has to Do with Jerusalem
2Zetterholm K.
Portrait of a Villain
3Kalmin R. , Schwartz S.
Jewish Culture and Society under the Christian Roman Empire
4Magness J.
Debating Qumran
5Spence S.
The Parting of the Ways: The Roman Church as a Case Study
6Pucci Ben Zeev M.
Diaspora Judaism in Turmoil, 116/117 CE: Ancient Sources and Modern Insights
7Hadas-Lebel M.
Jerusalem against Rome
8Kloner A. , Zissu B.
The Necropolis of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period
9Eliav Y.Z. , Friedland E.A. , Herbert S.
The Sculptural Environment of the Roman Near East
10Sagona C.
Looking for Mithra in Malta
11Evers A.
Church, Cities, and People
12Mitchell S. , Van Nuffelen P.
Monotheism between Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity
13Mimouni S.C.
Early Judaeo-Christianity
14Jacobs I.
Production and Prosperity in the Theodosian Period
15Laes C. , Mustakallio K. , Vuolanto V.
Children and Family in Late Antiquity
16Stevens S.
City Boundaries and Urban Development in Roman Italy
17Strootman R.
The Birdcage of the Muses
18Lanfranchi P., Verheyden J.
Jews and Christians in Antiquity
19Pimentel M.C., Simoes Rodrigues N.
Violence in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds