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Studia Rosenthaliana
Studia Rosenthaliana is a peer-reviewed series.

36Berger S. , Pomerance A. , Schatz A. , Schrijver E.
Speaking Jewish - Jewish Speak
37Cohen J.-M. , Berger S. , Zwiep I.E.
Jewish Ceremonial Objects in Transcultural Context
38-39Zwiep I.E. , Schrijver E. , Hoogewoud F.J. , Herman S. , Fontaine R. , Cohen J.-M. , Berger S.
Omnia in Eo
40Berger S. , Zwiep I.E.
Epigonism and the Dynamic of Culture
41Frakes J.C. , Dauber J.
Between Two Worlds: Yiddish-German Encounters
42-43Berger S.
Reading Texts on Jews and Judaism in the Low Countries
44Berger S. , Schrijver E.
Mapping Jewish Amsterdam: The Early Modern Perspective
45Feuchtwanger-Sarig N. , Irving M. , Schrijver E.
Jewish Art in Context