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Colloquia Antiqua
Colloquia Antiqua is the monograph supplement of the journal Ancient West & East. It aims to publish monographs and collections of papers devoted to the study of the periphery of the ancient world, its so-called barbarian milieu, the activities thereabouts of Greeks and Romans, and the relations between them and local peoples. Our focus is on local societies and cultures and their links with the early Byzantine and Near Eastern civilisations as well as the Greco-Roman. The geographical coverage is the same as for Ancient West & East, but with particular attention given to the Black Sea and surrounding regions. The chronological coverage is from the Early Iron Age to Late Antiquity.
Colloquia Antiqua is a peer-reviewed publication.

General editor:
Tsetskladze G.
Editorial board:
A. Avram (Romania/France), Sir John Boardman (UK), J. Hargrave (UK), M. Kazanski (France), A. Mehl (Germany), A. Podossinov (Russia), N. Theodossiev (Bulgaria), J. Wiesehöfer (Germany)
Contact information:
G. Tsetskhladze
1Tsetskhladze G.R.
The Black Sea, Greece, Anatolia and Europe in the First Millennium BC
3Kovalenko S.
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
4Hermary A. , Tsetskhladze G.R.
From the Pillars of Hercules to the Footsteps of the Argonauts
5Mihailescu-Bîrliba L.
Ex toto orbe Romano: Immigration into Roman Dacia
6Kreuz P.-A.
Die Grabreliefs aus dem Bosporanischen Reich
7De Angelis F.
Regionalism and Globalism in Antiquity
8Avram A.
Prosopographia Ponti Euxini Externa
9Youssef Y.N. , Moawad S.
From Old Cairo to the New World
10Rollinger R. , Schnegg K.
Kulturkontakte in antiken Welten: von Denkmodell zum Fallbeispiel
11Kovalenko S.
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
12Podossinov A.V.
The Periphery of the Classical World in Ancient Geography and Cartography
13Madden A.M.
Corpus of Byzantine Church Mosaic Pavements in Israel and the Palestinian Territories
14Petrova A.
Funerary Reliefs from the West Pontic Area (6th-1st Centuries BC)
15Fantalkin A. , Tal O.
Tell Qudadi: An Iron Age IIB Fortress on the Central Mediterranean Coast of Israel (with References to Earlier and Later Periods)
16Draycott C.M. , Stamatopoulou M.
Dining and Death
17de Hoz M.-P. , Sanchez Hernandez J.P. , Molina Valero C.
Between Tarhuntas and Zeus Polieus
18Manoledakis M. , Tsetskhladze G.R. , Xydopoulos I.
Essays on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the Black Sea Littoral
19Gürtekin Demir R.G. , Cevizoglu H. , Polat Y. , Polat G. , Tsetskhladze G.R.
Archaic and Classical Western Anatolia: New Perspectives in Ceramic Studies
20Körner C.
Die zyprischen Königtümer im Schatten der Großreiche des Vorderen Orients
21Tsetskhladze G.R.
Pessinus and Its Regional Setting
22Tsetskhladze G.R.
Pessinus and Its Regional Setting
23Moga I.
Religious Excitement in Ancient Anatolia
24Tsetskhladze G.R.
Phrygia in Antiquity: From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period
25Mihailescu-Bîrliba L.
Limes, Economy and Society in the Lower Danubian Roman Provinces
26Costanzi M., Dana M.
Une autre façon d'être grec: interactions et productions des Grecs en milieu colonial. Another Way of Being Greek: Interactions and Cultural Innovations of the Greeks in a Colonial Milieu