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Eckhart: Texts and Studies
The series Eckhart: Texts and Studies, the first of its kind, provides English translations, commentaries and studies (monographs and collected essays) of the Dominican Meister Eckhart (ca. 1260-1328). With the critical edition of his German and Latin works coming to completion, the scholarly focus of the coming years will shift towards translation, interpretation, critical reading and dissemination of his philosophical theology. In many ways a child of his time, Eckhart also transcends it and is the most widely read scholastic scholar today, acknowledged also outside the field of Medieval Studies, even outside Philosophy, Theology and the Western tradition with several societies and prizes named after him.
Eckhart: Texts and Studies is a peer-reviewed series.

1Vinzent M.
The Art of Detachment
2Vinzent M.
Meister Eckhart, «On the Lord's Prayer»
3Zheng S.
Zhu Xi and Meister Eckhart: Two Intellectual Profiles
4Mieth D., Vannier M.-A., Vinzent M., Wojtulewicz C.M.
Meister Eckhart in Paris and Strasbourg
5Wojtulewicz C.M.
Meister Eckhart on the Principle
6Vinzent J. , Wojtulewicz C.M.
Performing Bodies
7Büchner C.
Verschieden - im Einssein
8Roesner M.
Subjekt und Wahrheit
9Sturlese L., Vinzent M.
Meister Eckhart, The German Works: 64 Homilies for the Liturgical Year. 1. De tempore
10Casteigt J.
Albertus Magnus, «Super Iohannem (Ioh. 1, 1-18)»
11Casteigt J.
Métaphysique et connaissance testimoniale
12Sturlese L., Vinzent M.
Meister Eckhart, The German Works: 56 Homilies for the Liturgical Year. 2. De sanctis
13Vinzent M., Wojtulewicz C.M.
Meister Eckhart and Thomas of Erfurt