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Christian Perspectives on Leadership and Social Ethics
The series Christian Perspectives on Leadership and Social Ethics is an academic peer reviewed series in the area of theological perspectives on leadership studies, social ethics and other themes that are relevant for leaders in the public domain. While written with academic rigor, this series seeks to be accessible for practitioners in leadership and leadership development. It is published by the Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics, seeking to cultivate a Christian perspective on aspects of leadership and social ethics as they relate to establishing a just and sustainable society. For more information on ILSE, please refer to the website: https://www.etf-ilse.org.

General editor:
Patrick Nullens, Jack Barentsen
1Nullens P. , Barentsen J.
Leadership, Innovation, and Spirituality
2Nullens P. , van den Heuvel S.C.
Challenges of Moral Leadership
3Barentsen J. , Kessler V. , Meier E.
Christian Leadership in a Changing World: Perspectives from Africa and Europe
4Barentsen J., van den Heuvel S., Lin P.
The End of Leadership?
5Barentsen J. , van den Heuvel S.C. , Kessler V.
Increasing Diversity
6van den Heuvel S.C. , Nullens P.
Driven by Hope