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Babesch Supplements
Babesch Supplements is a peer-reviewed series.

1Schneider-Herrmann G.
Eine niederländische Studiensammlung antiker Kunst
3Moormann E.M.
Functional and Spatial Analysis of Wall Painting
4de Haan N. , Jansen G.C.M.
Cura Aquarum in Campania
5Vermeulen F. , De Dapper M.
Geoarchaeology of the Landscapes of Classical Antiquity / Geo-archéologie des paysages de l'antiquité classique
6Jansen G.C.M.
Cura Aquarum in Sicilia
7Vermeulen F. , Antrop M.
Ancient Lines in the Landscape
8Berns C. , von Hesberg H. , Vandeput L. , Waelkens M.
Patris und Imperium
9Attema P.A.J.
Centralization, Early Urbanization and Colonization in First Millennium BC Greece and Italy. Part 1: Italy
10Poblome J. , Talloen P. , Brulet R. , Waelkens M.
Early Italian Sigillata
11Stibbe C.M.
Agalmata. Studien zur griechisch-archaischen Bronzekunst
13Manderscheid H.
Dulcissima aequora
14Moormann E.M. , Stissi V.V.
Shapes and Images
15Hekster O. , Mols S.T.A.M.
Cultural Messages in the Graeco-Roman World
16van der Meer L.B.
Material Aspects of Etruscan Religion
17Winther-Jacobsen K.
From Pots to People
18Attema P.A.J. , de Haas T. , Tol G.
Between «Satricum» and «Antium»
19Jansen G.C.M. , Koloski-Ostrow A.O. , Moormann E.M.
Roman Toilets
20Meyboom P.G.P. , Moormann E.M.
Le decorazioni dipinte e marmoree della Domus Aurea di Nerone a Roma
21Kreiner R. , Letzner W.
SPA. Sanitas Per Aquam
22Kaizer T. , Leone A. , Thomas E. , Witcher R.
Cities and Gods
23Lucore S. K. , Trümper M.
Greek Baths and Bathing Culture
24Wiplinger G.
Historische Wasserleitungen. Gestern - Heute - Morgen
25Kotsonas A.
Understanding Standardization and Variation in Mediterranean Ceramics
26Di Castro A.A., Hope C.A., Parr B.E.
Housing and Habitat in the Ancient Mediterranean
27Wiplinger G.
De Aquaeductu atque Aqua Urbium Lyciae Pamphyliae Pisidiae. The Legacy of Sextus Julius Frontinus
28Wilson R.J.A.
Caddeddi on the Tellaro
29Lulof P.S. , Smith C.J.
The Age of Tarquinius Superbus: Central Italy in the Late 6th Century
30Vermeulen F.
From the Mountains to the Sea
31Mols S.T.A.M., Moormann E.M.
Context and Meaning