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Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology
Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology is a peer-reviewed series.

32van der Horst P.W.
Japheth in the Tents of Shem
33van der Horst P.W. , Menken M.J.J. , Smit J.F.M. , Van Oyen G.
Persuasion and Dissuasion in Early Christianity, Ancient Judaism, and Hellenism
34Lietaert Peerbolte L.J.
Paul the Missionary
35Teugels L.M.
Bible and Midrash
36Shin H.W.
Textual Criticism and the Synoptic Problem in Historical Jesus Research
37Volgers A. , Zamagni C.
38Galloway L.
Freedom in the Gospel
39Houtman C. , Spronk K.
Ein Held des Glaubens?
40Kahana H.
41Pizzuto V.A.
A Cosmic Leap of Faith
42Koet B.J.
Dreams and Scripture in Luke-Acts
43Beentjes P.C.
«Happy the One who Meditates on Wisdom» (Sir. 14,20)
44Roukema R. , Lietaert Peerbolte L.J. , Spronk K. , Wesselius J.W.
The Interpretation of Exodus
45Van Oyen G. , Shepherd T.
The Trial and Death of Jesus
46Thettayil B.
In Spirit and Truth
47van der Louw T.A.W.
Transformations in the Septuagint
48Hilbrands W.
Heilige oder Hure?
49Joosten J. , Tomson P.J.
Voces Biblicae
50Aejmelaeus A.
On the Trail of the Septuagint Translators
51Janse S.
«You are My Son»
52De Troyer K. , Lange A. , Schulte L.L.
Prophecy after the Prophets?
53Tuckett C.M.
Feasts and Festivals
54Labahn M. , Lehtipuu O.
Anthropology in the New Testament and its Ancient Context
55van der Kooij A. , van der Meer M.N.
The Old Greek of Isaiah: Issues and Perspectives
56Smith J.
Translated Hallelujahs
57Dávid N. , Lange A.
Qumran and the Bible
58Chanikuzhy J.
Jesus, the Eschatological Temple
59Wenzel H.
Reading Zechariah with Zechariah 1:1-6 as the Introduction to the Entire Book
60Labahn M. , Lehtipuu O.
Imagery in the Book of Revelation
61De Troyer K. , Lange A.
The Qumran Legal Texts between the Hebrew Bible and its Interpretation

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