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Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology
Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology is a peer-reviewed series.

62Lang B.
Buch der Kriege - Buch des Himmels
63Inkelaar H.-J.
Conflict over Wisdom
64Lee K.-J.
The Authority and Authorization of Torah in the Persian Period
65Rochester K.
Prophetic Ministry in Jeremiah and Ezekiel
66Law T. M. , Salvesen A.
Greek Scripture and the Rabbis
67Finsterbusch K. , Lange A.
What is Bible?
68Cook J. , van der Kooij A.
Law, Prophets, and Wisdom
69De Andrado P.N.
The Akedah Servant Complex
70Shaw F.
The Earliest Non-Mystical Jewish Use of Iao
71Blachman E.
The Transformation of Tamar (Genesis 38) in the History of Jewish Interpretation
72De Troyer K. , Law T. M. , Liljeström M.
In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes
73Do T.
Re-thinking the Death of Jesus
74Miller T.
Three Versions of Esther
75Tracy E.B.
See Me! Hear Me! Divine/Human Relational Dialogue in Genesis
76Findlay J.D.
From Prophet to Priest
77Menken M.J.J.
Studies in John's Gospel and Epistles
78Schulte L.L.
My Shepherd, though You Do not Know Me
79Humble S.E.
A Divine Round Trip
80Miller R.D.
Between Israelite Religion and Old Testament Theology
81Dequeker L.
Studia Hierosolymitana
82Finsterbusch K. , Lange A.
Texts and Contexts of Jeremiah
83Adcock J.S.
"Oh God of Battles! Steal My Soldiers' Hearts!"
84Müller R. , Pakkala J.
Insights into Editing in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
85Burnet R. , Luciani D. , Van Oyen G.
The Epistle to the Hebrews
86Korada M.K.
The Rationale for Aniconism in the Old Testament
87Beentjes P.C.
"With All Your Soul Fear The Lord" (Sir. 7:27)
88Koet B.J., van Wieringen A.L.H.M.
Multiple Teachers in Biblical Texts
89Elgvin T.
The Literary Growth of the Song of Songs during the Hasmonean and Early-Herodian Periods
90Smith D.C
The Role of Mothers in the Genealogical Lists of Jacob's Sons
91Chiraparamban V. P.
The Manifestation of God's Merciful Justice

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