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Studies in Philosophical Theology
Studies in Philosophical Theology is a peer-reviewed series.

34Stoker W.
Is Faith Rational?
35Anckaert L.
A Critique of Infinity
36Schaafsma P.
Reconsidering Evil
37Johannesson K.
God «Pro Nobis»
38Joby C.R.
Calvinism and the Arts
39Geldhof J.
Revelation, Reason and Reality
40Hebblethwaite B.
The Philosophical Theology of Austin Farrer
41Fridlund P. , Kaennel L. , Stenqvist C.
Plural Voices
42Carter B.
'The Little Commonwealth of Man': The Trinitarian Origins of the Ethical and Political Philosophy of Ralph Cudworth
43Ryan C.
Schopenhauer's Philosophy of Religion
44Vejrup Nielsen M.
Sin and Selfish Genes
45Alfsvåg K.
What No Mind Has Conceived
46Clement H.
Antwort auf den Nihilismus
47Henriksen J.-O.
Finitude and Theological Anthropology
48Fridlund P.
Mobile Performances
49Dumbreck G.
Schleiermacher and Religious Feeling
50Stoker W. , van der Merwe W.
Culture and Transcendence
51MacSwain R.
Solved by Sacrifice
52Meylahn J.-A.
The Limits and Possibilities of Postmetaphysical God-Talk
53Leech D.
The Hammer of the Cartesians
54Masson R.
Without Metaphor, No Saving God
55Keogh G.
The Evolution of Hope
56Baldwin E.D.
Fully Informed Reasonable Disagreement and Tradition Based Perspectivalism
57Brunsveld N.
The Many Faces of Religious Truth
58Bryson J.
The Christian Platonism of Thomas Jackson
59Gregersen N.H., Stenmark M.
Naturalism and Beyond
60Cimorelli C.
John Henry Newman's Theology of History
61Eklund D.-J.
Faith and Will
62Michaud D.A.
Reason Turned into Sense: John Smith on Spiritual Sensation
63Jonbäck F.
The God who Seeks but Seems to Hide

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