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Studia Hellenistica
Studia Hellenistica is a peer-reviewed series.

51Iossif P.P. , Chankowski A.S. , Lorber C.C.
More than Men, Less than Gods: Studies on Royal Cult and Imperial Worship
52Bennett C.
Alexandria and the Moon
53Hauben H. , Meeus A.
The Age of the Successors and the Creation of the Hellenistic Kingdoms (323-276 B.C.)
54Broux Y.
Double Names and Elite Strategy in Roman Egypt
55Coussement S.
'Because I Am Greek'
56Caneva S.G.
From Alexander to the Theoi Adelphoi
57Engels D.
Benefactors, Kings, Rulers
58Hau L.I. , Meeus A. , Sheridan B.
Diodoros of Sicily

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