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Ancient Near Eastern StudiesSupplementSeries
Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series is a peer-reviewed series.

Bibliography of the Samaritans
Tell Ahmar, 1988 Season
Studies in Ancient Hebrew Semantics
Cultural Interaction in the Ancient Near East
Semantics of Ancient Hebrew
10Sagona C.
Punic Antiquities of Malta and Other Ancient Artefacts Held in Ecclesiastic and Private Collections
11Hopkins L.
Archaeology at the North-East Anatolian Frontier, VI
12Sagona A.
A View from the Highlands: Archaeological Studies in Honour of Charles Burney
13McConchie M.
Archaeology at the North-East Anatolian Frontier, V
14Sagona A. , Sagona C.
Archaeology at the North-East Anatolian Frontier, I
15Cilingiroglu A. , Derin Z. , Abay E. , Saglamtimur H. , Kayan I.
Ulucak Hyk
16Payne M.
Urartian Measures of Volume
17Stoop-van Paridon P.W.T.
The Song of Songs
18Sagona C. , Vella Gregory I. , Bugeja A.
Punic Antiquities of Malta and Other Ancient Artefacts Held in Private Collections, 2
19Sagona A. , Abramishvili M.
Archaeology in Southern Caucasus: Perspectives from Georgia
20Cilingiroglu A. , Sagona A.
Anatolian Iron Ages 6
21Azize J. , Weeks N.
Gilgamesh and the World of Assyria
23Aitken J.K.
The Semantics of Blessing and Cursing in Ancient Hebrew
24Steiner M.L. , van der Steen E.J.
Sacred and Sweet
25Yagodin V.N. , Betts A.V.G. , Blau S.
Ancient Nomads of the Aralo-Caspian Region
26McGeough K.
Exchange Relationships at Ugarit
27Rubinson K.S. , Sagona A.
Ceramics in Transitions
28Sagona C.
Beyond the Homeland: Markers in Phoenician Chronology
29Bienkowski P.
Studies on Iron Age Moab and Neighbouring Areas in Honour of Michle Daviau
30Kuty R.J.
Studies in the Syntax of Targum Jonathan to Samuel
31Redford S. , Ergin N.
Perceptions of the Past in the Turkish Republic: Classical and Byzantine Periods
32McGeough K. , Smith M.S.
Ugaritic Economic Tablets
33Hartley J.E.
The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Colour Lexemes
34Connor S.E.
A Promethean Legacy: Late Quaternary Vegetation History of Southern Georgia, the Caucasus

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