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Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series
Ancient Near Eastern Studies Supplement Series is a peer-reviewed series.

35Jamieson A.
Tell Ahmar III. Neo-Assyrian Pottery from Area C
36Sagona C.
Ceramics of the Phoenician-Punic World
37Ergin N.
Bathing Culture of Anatolian Civilizations: Architecture, History, and Imagination
38Muraoka T.
A Grammar of Qumran Aramaic
39Cilingiroglu A. , Sagona A.
Anatolian Iron Ages 7
40Redford S. , Ergin N.
Cities and Citadels in Turkey
41Summers G.D.
Yanik Tepe, Northwestern Iran
42Yener K.A.
Across the Border: Late Bronze-Iron Age Relations between Syria and Anatolia
43Pappa E.
Early Iron Age Exchange in the West: Phoenicians in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic
44De Cupere B. , Linseele V. , Hamilton-Dyer S.
Archaeozoology of the Near East X
45Tebes J.M.
Unearthing the Wilderness
46Kennedy M.A.
The Late Third Millennium BCE in the Upper Orontes Valley, Syria
47Magdalino P. , Ergin N.
Istanbul and Water
48Bonanno A. , Vella N.C.
Tas-Silg, Marsaxlokk (Malta) I
49Bonanno A. , Vella N.C.
Tas-Silg, Marsaxlokk (Malta) II
50Mizzi D. , Vella N.C. , Zammit M.R.
"What Mean these Stones?" (Joshua 4:6, 21)
51Thys-Senocak L.
Of Vines and Wines
52Muraoka T.
Jacob of Serugh's "Hexaemeron"
53Verduci J.A.
Metal Jewellery of the Southern Levant and its Western Neighbours

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