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Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta
Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta is a peer-reviewed series.

198Snelders B.
Identity and Christian-Muslim Interaction
199Ciggaar K. , van Aalst V.
East and West in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean II
200Lipinski E.
Studies in Aramaic Inscriptions and Onomastics III
201Cauville S.
Dendara XIV. Traduction
202Duistermaat K. , Regulski I.
Intercultural Contacts in the Ancient Mediterranean
203Jones F.S.
Pseudoclementina Elchasaiticaque inter Judaeochristiana
204Aston D. , Bader B. , Gallorini C. , Nicholson P. , Buckingham S.
Under the Potter's Tree
205Friedman R.F. , Fiske P.N.
Egypt at its Origins 3
206Dorpmüller S.
Fictionalizing the Past: Historical Characters in Arabic Popular Epic
207Contu G.
Centre and Periphery within the Borders of Islam
208Mahieu B.
Between Rome and Jerusalem: Herod the Great and His Sons in Their Struggle for Recognition
209Bar-Asher M. , Kofsky A.
Kitab al-Ma'arif by Abu Sa'id Maymun b. Qasim al-Tabarani
210De Meyer M.
Dayr al-Barsha Volume II. First Intermediate Period Restoration of Old Kingdom Tombs
211El-Sayed R.
Afrikanischstämmiger Lehnwortschatz im älteren Ägyptisch
212Van Deun P. , Macé C.
Encyclopedic Trends in Byzantium?
213Cauville S.
Dendara XV. Traduction
214Evans L.
Ancient Memphis, 'Enduring is the Perfection'
215Klemm V. , al-Sha'ar N.
Sources and Approaches across Disciplines in Near Eastern Studies
216Bagg A.M.
Die Assyrer und das Westland
217Bader B. , Ownby M.F.
Functional Aspects of Egyptian Ceramics in their Archaeological Context
218Hagen F.
An Ancient Egyptian Literary Text in Context
219Regulski I. , Duistermaat K. , Verkinderen P.
Seals and Sealing Practices in the Near East. Developments in Administration and Magic from Prehistory to the Islamic Period
220Boiy T. , Bretschneider J. , Goddeeris A. , Hameeuw H. , Jans G. , Tavernier J.
The Ancient Near East, A Life!
221Cauville S.
Dendara. Le pronaos du temple d'Hathor
222Tacke N.
Das Opferritual des ägyptischen Neuen Reiches
223Vermeulen U. , D'hulster K. , Van Steenbergen J.
Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras VII
224Yoyotte J.
Histoire, géographie et religion de l'Égypte ancienne: Opera selecta
225Davies H.T.
Yusuf al-Shirbini's Kitab Hazz al-Quhuf bi-Sharh Qasid Abi Shaduf ("Brains Confounded by the Ode of Abu Shaduf Expounded")
226Cilardo A.
Islam and Globalisation: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
227Brock S. , Van Rompay L.
Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts and Fragments in the Library of Deir al-Surian, Wadi al-Natrun (Egypt)

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