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Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta
Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta is a peer-reviewed series.

260Midant-Reynes B., Tristant Y., Ryan E.M.
Egypt at its Origins 5
261Knipp D.
The Mosaics of the Norman Stanza in Palermo
262Miniaci G., Betro M., Quirke S.
Company of Images: Modelling the Imaginary World of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1500 BC)
264Dekker R.
Episcopal Networks and Authority in Late Antique Egypt
266Wissa M.
Scribal Practices and the Social Construction of Knowledge in Antiquity, Late Antiquity and Medieval Islam
267Lipinski E.
Toponymes et gentilices bibliques face à l'histoire
 Ciggaar K., van Aalst V.
East and West in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean III
 Piasentin M., Pontani F.
Cristoforo Kondoleon, «Scriiti Omerici»
 Batmaz A., Bedianashvili G., Michalewicz A., Robinson A.
Context and Connection
 Levrie K.
Jean Pédiasimos, «Essai sur les douze travaux d'Héracles»
 Hilkens A.
The Anonymous Syriac Chronicle of 1234 and its Sources
 Abou-Abdallah M.
L'histoire du royaume de Byblos à l'âge du Fer, 1080-333
 Sels L., Fuchsbauer J., Tomelleri V., De Vos I., Grinchenko O.
Editing Medieval Texts from a Different Angle: Slavonic and Multilingual Traditions

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