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Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium
Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium (BETL) is an international peer-reviewed series published since 1947 by professors of Theology and Canon Law at the KU Leuven and the Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve).
BETL publishes monographs, conference proceedings, collected essays and Festschriften on all aspects of theology and canon law for an academic readership (in English, German, French).
The series BETL and the journal ETL are directed by the same editorial board.

208Verstraeten J.
Scrutinizing the Signs of the Times in the Light of the Gospel
209Geybels H.
Cognitio Dei experimentalis
210den Hollander A.A.
Virtuelle Vergangenheit
211Gryson R.
Scientiam Salutis
212Van den Driessche T.
L'altérité, fondement de la personne humaine dans l'œuvre d'Edith Stein
213Ausloos H. , Cook J. , García Martínez F. , Lemmelijn B. , Vervenne M.
Translating a Translation
214Osuji A.C.
Where is the Truth?
216Donnelly D. , Famerée J. , Lamberigts M. , Schelkens K.
The Belgian Contribution to the Second Vatican Council
217De Tavernier J. , Selling J.A. , Verstraeten J. , Schotsmans P.
Responsibility, God and Society. Theological Ethics in Dialogue
218Verheyden J. , Van Belle G. , van der Watt J.G.
Miracles and Imagery in Luke and John
219Boeve L. , Lamberigts M. , Wisse M.
Augustine and Postmodern Thought
220Victoria T.
Un livre de feu dans un siècle de fer
221François W. , den Hollander A.A.
Infant Milk or Hardy Nourishment?
222Vansina F.D. , Vandecasteele P.
Paul Ricœur. Bibliographie primaire et secondaire. Primary and Secondary Bibliography 1935-2008
223Van Belle G. , Labahn M. , Maritz P.
Repetitions and Variations in the Fourth Gospel
224Ausloos H. , Lemmelijn B. , Vervenne M.
Florilegium Lovaniense
225 A & BBrito E.
Philosophie moderne et christianisme
226Schnelle U.
The Letter to the Romans
227Lamberigts M. , Boeve L. , Merrigan T.
Orthodoxy, Process and Product
228Heidl G. , Somos R.
Origeniana Nona
229Marguerat D.
Reception of Paulinism in Acts - Réception du paulinisme dans les Actes des apôtres
230Dillen A. , Pollefeyt D.
Children's Voices
231Van Hecke P. , Labahn A.
Metaphors in the Psalms
232Auld A.G. , Eynikel E.
For and against David: Story and History in the Books of Samuel
233Vialle C.
Une analyse comparée d'Esther TM et LXX
234Merrigan T. , Glorieux F.
"Godhead Here in Hiding"
235Simon M.
La vie dans le Christ dans le catéchisme de Jean-Paul II
236De Schrijver G.
The Political Ethics of Jean-François Lyotard and Jacques Derrida
237Pasquier A. , Marguerat D. , Wénin A.
L'intrigue dans le récit biblique
238Zenger E.
The Composition of the Book of Psalms

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