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Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium
Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium (BETL) is an international peer-reviewed series published since 1947 by professors of Theology and Canon Law at the KU Leuven and the Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve).
BETL publishes monographs, conference proceedings, collected essays and Festschriften on all aspects of theology and canon law for an academic readership (in English, German, French).
The series BETL and the journal ETL are directed by the same editorial board.

269Ausloos H. , Lemmelijn B.
A Pillar of Cloud to Guide
270Tigchelaar E.
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and the Scriptures
272Watine Christory P.
Dialogue et Communion
273Burnet R. , Luciani D. , Van Oyen G.
Le lecteur
274Bazzana, G.B.
Kingdom of Bureaucracy
275Gallez J.-P.
La théologie comme science herméneutique de la tradition de foi
276Vermeylen J.
277Breytenbach C.
Paul's Graeco-Roman Context
278Geldhof J.
Mediating Mysteries, Understanding Liturgies
279Jacobsen A.-C.
Origeniana Undecima
280Wilk F. , Gemeinhardt P.
Transmission and Interpretation of the Book of Isaiah in the Context of Intra- and Interreligious Debates
281Sevrin J.-M.
Le quatrième évangile
282Boeve L. , Lamberigts M. , Merrigan T.
The Normativity of History
283Bieringer R. , Baert B. , Demasure K.
'Noli me tangere' in Interdisciplinary Perspective
284Dietrich W. , Edenburg C. , Hugo Ph.
The Books of Samuel
285Arnal W.E., Ascough R.S., Derrenbacker Jr. R.A., Harland P.A.
Scribal Practices and Social Structures among Jesus Adherents
286Wolfteich C.E. , Dillen A.
Catholic Approaches in Practical Theology
287François W., den Hollander A.A.
Vernacular Bible and Religious Reform in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era
288Rodrigues P.
C'est ta face que je cherche...
289Famerée J.
Ecclésiologie et oecuménisme
290Cooper P., Kikuchi S.
Commitments to Medieval Mysticism within Contemporary Contexts
291Yarbro Collins A.
New Perspectives on the Book of Revelation
 Famerée J., Rodrigues P.
The Genesis of Concepts and the Confrontation of Rationalities
293Di Pede E., Flichy O., Luciani D.
Le Récit: Thèmes bibliques et variations
294Arblaster J., Faesen R.
295Fabry H.-J.
The Books of the Twelve Prophets

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