Peeters Publishers was founded in 1857 in the university city of Leuven, Belgium and has become a renowned international publishing house. To ensure comprehensive international coverage of the global academic landscape, we also have offices in Paris and Bristol, Connecticut in the US.

Peeters is a family business, still managed and owned by the family. From the beginning, the publishing house aimed to serve the academic world by producing high-quality scholarly books. We publish around 200 new book titles and 75 journals a year. Humanities and Social Sciences are the main fields of our publishing house with series focusing on Biblical Studies, Religious, Patristic, Classical and Oriental Studies, Egyptology, Philosophy, Ethics, Medieval Studies, and Art.

To maintain high quality production, Peeters has its own printing office with optimized automation- and ultramodern workflow processes, also based in Belgium. All our publications can be found in our bookshop in the main street of the old city center of Leuven.

Every publication is peer-reviewed and verified by multiple board members of the different series as well as by the editorial staff. We strive to contribute to the progress of scientific research by building a network of relations established in the academic world. By producing high-quality scholarly books, we try to serve academics around the world in expanding their knowledge and allowing them to share their expertise.