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year: 2013
isbn: 9789042930520
pages: IV-203 p.
In-between Spaces: Creative Possibilities for Theologies of Gender
Entre espacios: propuestas creativas para las teologías de género
Zwischenräume: Kreative Möglichkeiten für Gender-Theologien

The in-between is often considered as a bare and infertile space. To venture into the borderland between two states, for example, can be fatal; it is a lawless area, threatening and chaotic, hostile to human well-being and flourishing. Yet recent postcolonial and queer studies have increased awareness of the positive aspects of the in-between: borders also provide spaces for negotiation, interconnection and transgression and for articulations of identities and differences. Like bridges, borders emphasize difference and distance, but also connection.

The interest and aim of this volume is to explore the in-between space in its positive and negative, challenging and limiting aspects with regard to issues of gender from the perspective of theology and the study of religions. The articles collected here discuss the in-between with regard to generational shifts, religious traditions, queer identities, biblical interpretations and translations, and thus provide insight into the many-fold understandings of the in-between and its application as a category of reflection and analysis.