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year: 1999
isbn: 9780900416705
pages: LXII-1181 p. + VIII-136 p. (3 vol.)
Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Statues, Reliefs and Paintings. Volume VIII: Objects of Provenance Not Known. Part I: Royal Statues, Private Statues (Predynastic to Dynasty XVII). Part II: Private Statues (Dynasty XVIII to the Roman Period), Statues of Deities. Parts I and II: The Indices

These volume, which comprise the first two parts of Topographical Bibliography VIII, Objects of Provenance Not Known, present accessible references for unprovenanced statues dating from the beginning of the Dynastic Period to the end of the Roman Period. The indices to these two parts have been assembled in a separate fascicle. The coverage includes monuments in museums and private collections, as well as those which have surfaced in sales and auctions only to disappear from sight once again.
The first seven volumes of the Topographical Bibliography list ancient Egyptian monuments still in situ, those found in controlled excavations, ot those for which the original location can be established with certainty. There are, however, enormous numbers of objects of unknown provenance, including some of the greatest importance. Systematic records of excavations in Egypt began in the 1860s, but digging for monuments had been going on for at least half a century before that. Volume VIII complements Volumes I-VII by providing access to this unprovenanced material. Parts 1-2 cover statues of all periods. Part 3 covers stelae of the Early Dynastic Period to the end of Dynasty XVII, and Part IV stelae from Dynasty XVIII to the end of the Roman Period.