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year: 2005
isbn: 9789042915626
pages: VIII-490 p.
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Manuscripts in Transition
Recycling Manuscripts, Texts and Images
«Manuscripts in Transition. Recycling Manuscripts, Texts and Images» gathers together some 40 contributions by art historians specialised in research into book illuminations from the time of Charlemagne to Charles V's Habsburg empire (ca. 800-ca. 1550). The accent is mainly on the art of the illumination in the Gothic, Burgundian and Post-Burgundian periods. This anthology is the product of an international conference held in Brussels in 2002 in connection with the exhibition «Medieval Mastery: Book Illumination from Charlemagne to Charles the Bold (800-1475) (Leuven, Stedelijk Museum Vander Kelen-Mertens). The central focus of the conference was the systematic re-use of texts and images in the Middle Ages. The examination of this theme resulted in the present fascinating series of articles.