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year: 2006
isbn: 9789042918115
pages: XII-388 p.
Henry of Ghent's «Summa»
The Questions on God's Unity and Simplicity (Articles 25-30)
This volume continues Professor Roland Teske's translation of a series of important questions from Henry of Ghent's «Summa of Ordinary Questions» («Summa quaestionum ordinarium»). It contains the Latin text of questions 25 through 30 (which treat of God's unity and simplicity), a close English translation, a philosophical introduction, and notes identifying all of Henry's sources. Moreover, there is a glossary of Henry's often complex technical terminology.
The questions translated in this volume impressively reflect the changed intellectual climate in the last quarter of the thirteenth century, after the condemnations of 1277. To Henry, Aristotelianism is not a viable option for a Christian thinker. Reading the Philosopher "with greater historical accuracy than Thomas Aquinas," as Teske writes, Henry reaffirms the Catholic faith vigorously against the influence of a philosophy that, in his view, applies principles of Greek metaphysics to Christianity without sufficient discernment. Henry develops many of his positions in critical dialogue with Thomas Aquinas, whom he associates with the overly enthusiastic kind of Aristotelianism that he helped condemn in 1277.