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year: 2012
isbn: 9789042925793
pages: XXXVIII-93 p.
The Ancient Armenian Text of the Acts of the Apostles
The purpose of this eclectic critical edition of the ancient Armenian text of the Acts of the Apostles is to provide the earliest attainable text of Acts found in the extant Armenian manuscripts. It is meant to assist the Institute for New Testament Textual Research at the University of Münster in Münster, Germany, in preparing Volume II of the Editio Critica Maior, a complete and accurate critical edition of the Greek text of Acts. In the past, scholars have used the text of Acts in Zohrapian for text critical purposes. It is now clear that Zohrapian's text represents the text of Acts from the Cilician Period. Our edition represents the pre-Cilician text of Acts. The text of Acts presents a challenge for New Testament textual critics. The Greek manuscripts, early versions, and patristic sources fall into two groups, the Alexandrian text-type and the Western text-type. The Armenian text is most closely aligned with the Alexandrian text-type. Agreement with the Western text is very weak.