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year: 2013
isbn: 9789042929777
pages: XII-597 p.
To Discern Creation in a Scattering World

In today’s scattering world, challenged as it is by climate change, pollution and other forms of environmental degradation, developing an adequate theology of creation is not just an armchair luxury, but a vital task, a mission in which we are implicated whether we like it or not. Such an adequate theology of creation should allow theologians and believers in general to enter into processes of personal and social transformation that bring about justice between human beings and a sustainable relationship of humankind with non-human reality. The contributions to this volume take up the difficult task of developing an adequate theology of creation for our times. They seek to reflect on creation in our scattering world from multiple and diverse perspectives, engaging Scripture, old and new traditions, philosophy, ethics, science, Christology, ecclesiology, sacraments and the liturgy. The wealth and heterogeneity of perspectives gathered in this collection is a gift to be explored and cherished. The articles gathered in this book contribute to an urgently needed re-articulation of the idea of creation and offer to theologians the occasion to sound their own voice in the forum of those who attempt to answer the great challenges posed by the times in which we live.