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year: 2016
isbn: 9789042933712
pages: XXIV-650 p.
The Books of Samuel
Stories - History - Reception History
The Books of Samuel are an important source for the history of ancient Israel and a treasure not only of Biblical literature, but of world literature. They deal with the first kings of Israel and the history of the 10th century BCE in Palestine, and they narrate of this time in an outstandingly artful way. In addition they set standards in the Biblical Jewish and Christian system of values, concerning the relationship between men and God, nation and people, power and law, war and peace, man and woman. The Books of Samuel have left their impact upon the arts over the centuries so that their reception history is exceptionally rich. Both early interpreters and modern scholars have discussed nearly every aspect of them. This volume contains contributions of leading scholars in the field as well as those of a new generation of exegetes. Questions are raised concerning the value of the Books of Samuel as historical source, the nature of their historical narrative, their literary composition, their literary-historical growth, their textual development (in the Masoretic text, in the Greek Septuagint, and in the writings of Qumran) and their reception history (in novels, music and arts). The volume embraces a wide range of approaches and methods and sheds light on a great number of texts and themes. Thus it represents the current state of inquiry and also raises new questions and views.