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year: 2017
isbn: 9789042934542
pages: XVI-474 p.
Bonaventure, On the Eucharist
(Commentary on the «Sentences», Book IV, dist. 8-13)

Since Bonaventure never wrote a treatise dedicated to the Eucharist, his extensive treatment in the fourth book of his commentary on Peter Lombard’s Sentences, which covers many of the topics that would have comprised such a work, stands as his most extensive discussion. In it the Seraphic Doctor considers, among other things, the symbolism of the Eucharist, its connection to the imagery of the Old Testament, the metaphysics of transubstantiation, and the efficacy of the sacrament in the heart of the believer. The result is a treatment that in many ways parallels the doctrine of Thomas Aquinas, yet is distinctively Bonaventurean.

This volume presents a translation of this discussion in its entirety, together with the Latin text of the Quaracchi edition. Professor Johnson’s introduction situates this text in the larger development of medieval Eucharistic doctrine and comments extensively on the theology of this set of questions. In addition to explaining dense technical and linguistic issues in the text, the notes key the reader to Bonaventure’s rich inheritance of material in the Fathers and in earlier medieval theologians.